Body balance

Veggielicious Body Balance……what does it mean???

Parents in the later 30: s soon 40, trying to juggle life in a stressful society where demands and standards are high on looks, work, health, kids, education, exercise etc.


We realized that life and health are ours responsibility as parents and that of our children and generations to come.


By educating ourselves and started to listen to our bodies we have gained better understanding of how to reduce symtomes, the risk of further diseases and infections. We have increased our energy levels, reduced snacking and cravings and learned how to enjoy life more with the help of selflove in the form of high nutrition whole foods, acceptance and living in the moment.
By bridging our nutritional gap with a great amount of phytonutrients from fresh raw fruit, berries, veggies and Juice Plus + this has given our life a new shine.


With this passion and knowledge we want to share it all with you on this site, and we hope you will find the information  useful and helpful for your needs or desire.


Health is not just about eating right, health is the whole body in balance, body, mind and soul, exercise and food hand in hand.


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