Do not eat more sugar you are already sweet enough!
It´s known that sugar is bad for you, that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and that sugar is the new FAT.
Sugar is commonly known as an anti-nutrient it uses the body´s stores of essential vitamins and nutrients during digestion and it also feeds yeast in the digestive system, including candida.
This can cause your body to react with eczema, fatigue and even depression.
But there´s so much sugar added in our daily food and in our daily life, so how can we reduce the amount of sugar in our daily food and desserts without taking away the joy of eating something sweet and delicious?
We´ve listed some great ways to reduce and kick your bad sugar habits!
In our kitchen we use natural sweeteners with a low impact on the blood sugar levels and that will also give us some nutrition benefits.

If you have a food addiction or sugar addiction always consult with a professional what can help and guid you and get you on the right track.
Always have a good relationship with food and everything is good in moderation, so never overeat when you are not hungry and never forget your dark leafy green veggies that will give you a body boost and reduce your sugar cravings.


Natural Sweeteners we use in our kitchen and in our desserts/sweets:

  • Organic Maple syrup– A GI of 54 and can be used in moderation for granola, granola bars, to replace honey if you´r vegan but can be replaced with Yacon syrup.
  • Organic coconut sugar– A GI of 35, reminds very much of brown sugar in taste and a good source of minerals, works great for raw chocolate.
  • Yacon syrup– High in nutrients, has an immune system boost effect and can replace any sweetener cause it´s high nutrition and low in GI, it´s a diabetic friendly sweetener and works well in any desserts, bars, baked goods and natural sweets.
  • Lucuma powder– made from the sweet Lucuma fruit, the taste reminds a lot of maple and it´s a great source of vitamins and minerals and great in raw caramel sauce and in smoothies.
  • Mesquite powder– Made from the pods of the mesquite tree, has a sweet nutty flavor reminds of mocha/cinnamon in taste, high in protein and low in fat. It also balances the blood sugar and is high in nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zink.
  • Organic ripe Bananas– In raw food ice creams, to sweeten green smoothies, a good source of vitamins, reduces constipation and cramps. Can be used as an egg replacement and gives sweet creaminess in raw porridge and also chia puddings.
  • Dates – Natural sweetener, very sweet fruits but packed with fiber and works great for raw food balls, raw food pies and in brownies and baked goods as well.