As parents, we dress our children properly, cleaning theirs room and make sure they are not sitting too long in front of the computer the TV.
But how are we going to give up so fast when it comes to something as important as healthy eating?


What can we do to change this? We can inspire our children to eat healthy by lead by example.
We can show them that healthy food not only is good but can also be fun to eat.
And not only that; if our children eat a healthy and balanced diet they quickly notice how much better they are feel and grow stronger.
That’s what we call motivation.


Today 1/4 of Swedish kids in the age of 10 are overweight and 3% are obese. The numbers are higher in countries like USA and UK.

In addition to obesity developing blood lipids, insulin resistance and liver impact, most of the children suffering from overweight and obesity have difficult in treating normal weight as adults.

To treat childhood obesity, you need to completely change your lifestyle, eat an healthy diet and exercise/move more.
Lead by example!

It´s our responsibility as parents to be healthy role models for our children and help them to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.


We owe it to our children to keep them healthy and happy, to teach them that exercise is meant to be fun and that nutrition is the key to maintain a healthy body.

Our family loves the outdoors and we often go into the wild forest, the sea side or country side.


By providing our children with good nutritious foods, inspire them to move and giving them juice plus every day, we bridge their nutritional needs, contribute to a good overall health and inspire them to want healthy eating options.
This is because the children are included in Juice Plus children’s health study.


The children´s health study is: A large-scale observation study
which lasts for several years. The purpose of it is to determine
Juice PLUS + impact on children, adolescents and adults
eating habits when used as a complement to the family
What is being investigated?
• The intake of fruits and vegetables
• Health awareness
• General lifestyle changes

Do you want to know more of this health study and how to be a part of
changing your family life into a better future for your children?