We are a conscious green family who lives a green lifestyle and wants to inspire others to live the life they want to live without stress, demands and guilt.


Our journey started when we really needed a change. Anna had ben diagnosed with both M.E and thyroid inflammation and also chronical pain and Johan had reached 293 pounds (133kg).
We lost time with our children, we lost time with eachother because there were not enough time being healthy enough.
Infections resolved each other and stressful work contributed to poor sleep, poor food choices and no time for reflections and to live in the present.
Annas’s doctor said that she had to take it easy so that the diseases would not get worse and Johan had to take a decision to lose weight to be there and help with the home and the children when Anna did not manage because of the different symptomes and fatigue.


We began to look at nutrition, clean eating, selfcare in the form of meditation, yoga and motivation and relinquish our way of living completely.
We started enjoying a green lifestyle with organic and almost plant-based food and started to live more in the moment and apprichiate the small things in life.
In just a few years, our lives had changed completely because we took responsibility for it, we wanted that change for us and for our children to be able to enjoy time together, time that we had lost.



There is nothing so beautiful when the body works and does what it´s suppost to do in order for you to live a wonderful life.
A pure lifestyle with clean, organic and toxic-free food as far as possible, as well as Juice Plus is part of everyday life and has given us so much more than we could have dreamed about.



We are now proud of who we are and who we have become as parents to our children and we want to share this with each and everyone of you because we belive that if you are consistent, dedicated and have passion you can do what ever you want to do and accomplish big things.