We are a conscious green family who lives a green lifestyle and wants to inspire others to liveĀ the life they want without stress, demands and guilt.


When we started our journey, we needed a change. Johan had reached his weightiest 130kg, our youngest daughter was investigated for Cystic fibrosis and asthma and was in hospital a lot. Anna was diagnosed with M.E. – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis –
My = muscle
Algic = pain
Encephalo = brain
Mye = spinal cord
Itis = inflammation.
This is a neurologically impaired disease causing inflammation in the brain and spinal cord and un normal fatigue, she also was diagnosed with chronical pain


We began to look at nutrition, clean eating, selfcare in the form of meditation, yoga and motivation and relinquish our way of living completely.
We started enjoying a green lifestyle with organic food and a plant-based diet and started to live more in the moment and apprichiate the small things in life. In just a few years, our lives had changed completely because we took responsibility for it, we wanted that change for us and for our children to be able to enjoy time together.


Johan went down 50kg the first year, our daughter’s trouble ended completely, 3 operations and dietary reimbursement she was declared healthy 2 years later.


Annas M.E. Symptoms were reduced to mild and almost not noticeable. Thanks to the small lifestyle changes her energy levels increased and she gained valuable time with the family.

So how do we maintain a healthy lifestyle while living the life we deserve?


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